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      Sylvilagus sp.

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      Based on hosteology and molecular phylogenetics analyses, the Sylvilagus brasiliensis species complex has been divided in S. brasiliensis (endemic to Pernambuco), S. andinus (from the Andes) and S. tapetillus (probably extinct, endemic to Rio de Janeiro). Other species within the genera have not yet been named, hence, we opted to mantain these species' published records under the classification of "Sylvilagus sp.".


      Ruedas, L.A., Silva, S.M., French, J.H.,Platt II, R.N., SalazarBravo, J., Mora, J.M., and Thompson, C.W. 2017. A prolegomenon to the systematics of South American cottontail Rabbits (Mammalia, Lagomorpha, Leporidae: Sylvilagus): Designation of a neotype for S. brasiliensis (Linnaeus, 1758), and restoration of S. andinus (Thomas, 1897) and S. tapetillus Thomas, 1913. Miscellaneous Publications, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan. 205: 1-67.

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